Here is a collection of images of our UK manufactured plastic modular conveyors. You can see some of the applications of the conveyor systems as well as some of the options that compliment the conveyor systems, such as the metal detectors, weigh scales, rotary box fillers,  product separators etc. etc.

  • air dry conveyor
  • box filler conveyor system
  • conveyor carousel
  • cooling fan conveyor
  • horizontal incline horizontal conveyor
  • horizontal incline horizontal conveyor
  • horizontal paddle separator conveyor
  • incline remote reverse conveyor
  • horizontal modular conveyor onsite
  • narrow horizontal conveyor
  • paddle separator conveyor
  • small horizontal conveyor
  • ST Machinery conveyor name plate
  • available conveyor colours
  • paddle separator conveyors
  • tunnel metal detector conveyor
  • in-situ conveyor 01
  • curved conveyor
  • conveyors with weighing system
  • conveyor with metal detection stop and alarm
  • product-handling
  • roller-separator
  • rotary-box-fillers
  • swan-neck-conveyor
  • sprue-separator
  • conveyors
  • each conveyor is unique
  • machining conveyor axles
  • multi process conveyors
  • shielded onload area
  • swan neck box filler conveyor
  • variable height conveyor
  • wide swan neck conveyor
  • horizontal conveyor with shielded robot enclosure

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Conveyor application videos

conveyors designed to adapt to existing equipment variable speed conveyors conveyors for multiple application roller sprue separators for plastic parts conveyors conveyor plate metal detection